Originally from Chicago as a child I knew and had feelings which I truly didn’t understand. Later I was told that my maternal grandmother also had these gifts. I started my spiritual awakening in in 1976. This has been an amazing and enlightening journey. This is when I started practicing PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) along with God is my Source using affirmations. This led me to presenting Motivational workshops. I believe in giving back and sharing the knowledge with my card readings and numerology. Being a psychic reader and life coach has been rewarding to me and my clients. We have laughed and cried to growth.
I have more than 30 years of experience giving readings and healing. I have appeared on several radio shows and consistently booked reader in psychic showcases in the area. My clients come from all areas of the country.
Ten years ago I began using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which has helped many overcome grief, fear, anxieties, goal setting helping them achieve success in areas of their life.
This is why my motto for my Psychic readings is “READINGS WITH A HEART”
Our thoughts and words create our destiny. My spiritual gifts and work has changed how I view life and death, and events that occur in our lives.
Life is a school with lessons on our path.
I provide individual in person or by phone, also parties and groups. Available for corporate events.
I can be contacted directly on the website or by phone and email.


Blessings Always

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