Thanks to all who have touched a part of my life. I am honored to be your Psychic and Spiritual Adviser. I truly appreciate and feel very blessed for each and everyone of you. With Light and Love thank you. XO

Joanne is amazing and gifted. I loved the way she conducts her readings. She starts off with numerology and reads your numbers wow! Then her card reading are just as off the charts. If you want great guidance and a gentle ear she is your girl. I appreciate every time I speak with her.
Johnathan (Chicago)

I have known Joanne for decades.  She is excellent at reading cards, numerology, astrology and super intuitive. She is a good person and a great reader.
 Jimmy Mack
Transformational Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit, People, Places, Pets and Situations!

Joanne combines psychic channeled numerology with her card readings, she can pinpoint details in your life which even you won’t think off. Not only does she give the complete package but does it with a kind and caring attitude and of course plenty of laughter. Joanne is a very unique reader and describes her card readings as “Tarot with a Twist”. Want something different that shows your loves, life path and career direction?, then she’s for you, would highly recommend her.

Joanne is an extraordinary psychic and numerologist. She saw so many things in my birth numbers and described everything in great detail. I was surprised how accurate one can be by just looking at numbers. She also has a vast knowledge in reading and interpreting cards. I highly recommend working with Joanne!
Good luck, Joanne and merry Christmas for you and your family!

I recently had my numbers read by Joanne and all I can say is wow. I can’t believe how much information she gave me and how she took her time with me and not rush. Can’t wait to do it again.
Marne – Rosemont, IL

Joanne is a “SPECIAL” person and there is no one else I would want to read for me.
She goes above and beyond anytime I contact her.
Besides being an AMAZING reader, she has also been my mentor, my coach, a great listener and most importantly and friend.
Thank you for all your help the past year, you have “created” a stronger, more confident person.
Debby Chicago, IL

I love Joanne! I’ve had a couple of readings with her and she is very accurate. In one reading she said that in the fall I’d be jumping up and down with joy! I forgot all about that and then around three months later I got some great unexpected news and was jumping up and down with joy. About a month later I was reading my notes from Joanne’s reading and had written down her words that “I’d be jumping up and down with joy in the fall” and was truly amazed. I felt very comfortable with her the very first time I ever spoke to her. She has a gentle and maternal way about her but at the same time she can really get her point across. She mixes a little astrology and numerology in her readings and that gives a unique insight into the reading and it’s very specific to the person she is reading for. I’ve seen Joanne a couple of times now and she has nailed things both times. She is truly the best and I’m a loyal client now!

Laura (Chicago IL)